It's 2015, and 37 year old Michigan-born Evy Cobb returns to the English village of Rouklye twenty-one years after her last visit, when she'd been left with her grandparents while her peacenik parents were off trying to scupper a weapons test in the South Pacific. Back then she was Midge Miller, and it was as sixteen year old Midge that she fell in with the rather peculiar Juby Bench, who'd lived in Rouklye as a boy, until 1943, when the government evicted everyone in the Rouklye Valley to make way for troop training, weapons testing and tank manoeuvres. Over time the village, badly treated by the Army and never handed back to its former residents (even though the government had promised to do so), fell into the soulless ruin that it remains to this day.

This is the story of Juby's final return to this ruined place, of his not entirely accurate memories of being young there, and of his friendship with the young Evy, a friendship which, by its conclusion, immeasurably changed her perception of the world and her place in it.

NB. 'Rouklye' is pronounced 'rook-lee'.


People lived in Rouklye once. Raised families. Worked the land. Knew joy and sorrow. No more. Not now.

There's nothing now. No people. No joy or sorrow. Just ruins. And memories. Alternative memories.