A tantalizing, multi-layered three-novel sequence written by Michael Lawrence.

While linked by the family name 'Rainey', each book is a stand-alone novel,

independent of the others, with different characters and settings, the action

taking place in different decades. There are, however, small overlaps,

links and nudges tucked away in all three, which the author hopes readers

will enjoy coming across. Click the covers below to read extracts.

Available in paperback and ebook format

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Extracts from reviews in magazines, newspapers, online and elsewhere of other Michael Lawrence books

'Science fiction? Fantasy? Hard to categorise, especially as the stories are so firmly rooted in a very specific place, with family roots reaching deep into the past. Clever, complex and compelling.' (Linda Newbery, award-winning author)

'The complexity of the storyline is not something that many authors could successfully handle. However, Lawrence has written with a truly cunning hand.' ('Independent on Sunday' newspaper, UK)

'Brilliant. The way that the man writes is brilliant.'

'This is one of the best books ever written. Period. I read it in two days flat. It's that good. There is enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end!'

'When I first received this book I was unsure whether I was going to like it or not. However, after reading it I found myself impressed, not by the plot as so many others are, but by the author, what he revealed of himself in the text and the way that his mind works. The guy's brain works in the same way that mine does and that's rare. He gets an idea, builds on it and he doesn't give a damn if it fits a format or works in the context. He is also very analytical and funny.'

'One reason I liked this book so much, I think, is because the theory of quantum alternate universes is an idea that I find very persuasive and comforting. As a result, this novel gives me more food for thought to chew over while it also mixes in unexpected supernatural aspects. Also, as an adult who as a child experienced a painful loss of a loved one, I found the treatment of grief to be very affecting.'


THIS RUINED PLACE is a novel about a real English village fallen into ruin since World War Two when the residents were evicted by Winston Churchill's government in order for it to be used as a weapons testing and troop training area. A village and valley with a tragic history whose remains, watched over by tanks on hillsides and range wardens in jeeps, can still be visited to this day.


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This Ruined Place

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To be published February 2024